Leadership Development

Spark Engagement's seminars and workshops offer leadership development and team building opportunities as people engage in meaningful exchanges in more intimate settings. Participants discuss and develop change management strategies to support engagement and learn how to apply them immediately at work.

Customized Workshops

Spark Engagement also designs and delivers customized workshops to meet an organization’s specific needs, including teams in crisis. We specialize in guiding leaders and teams to resolve and move beyond their challenges to transform and re-energize their experience of work.

21st Century Leadership Principles

At the organizational level, Spark Engagement interweaves employee engagement and leadership development to help organization’s achieve their deepest aspirations. We work with leaders in all types of organizations to infuse cutting-edge 21st century leadership principles into their environments. Specifically, looking at ways to transform leadership practices so power and authority is appropriately shared and dispersed to generate exceptional results (i.e. marrying accountability and self-management throughout an organization to take performance to the next level).

Focused Leadership Practices

Through leadership development initiatives, team building, and company-wide employee engagement work, Spark Engagement helps clients think through these new ideas and apply them to their own situation to improve performance. We work with all levels of management, high potentials, intact teams and others interested in changing the context in which they lead, by transforming how they lead themselves and others.

“I so enjoyed the last couple of days, and it was a great “recharge” for me in terms of renewed enthusiasm, energy, passion and ambition for my business.”

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