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Below is a sampling of available resources and tools to support engagement in the workplace.

Assessment Tools

Spark Engagement Index

Employee engagement starts with personal accountability. Our online self-assessment and personalized report shows individual contributors their level of engagement and provides insight on their key drivers or blockers. With insight people can take action and increase their passion, productivity and performance.

Leaders also receive management reports that provide additional insights at a collective level. With this emotional profile of the workforce in hand, leaders improve their decision-making to support engagement and thereby securing desirable outcomes such as retention, loyalty, and advocacy.

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Featured Books

Fire Up Your Team: 50 Ways for Leaders to Connect, Collaborate and Create with their Teams

Ignite passion, productivity and performance by connecting, collaborating and creating with your team!

In today’s ever-changing world, leaders must create anew every day—new solutions, new ideas for action, new strategies—and then comfortably lead their organizations into an unpredictable future. In her handbook for leaders, author Jacqueline Throop-Robinson provides tools and techniques that can help any CEO or manager ignite passion, productivity and performance by connecting, collaborating and creating with their team.

Fire Up Your Team!

Fire Up Your Team Book

50 ways for Leaders to connect, collaborate & create with their teams

Success University for Women: Wisdom Working for You

Just released, the Success University for Women™ book shares the lessons of the “school of hard-knocks” of the authors – lessons learned the hard way, through life, through mistakes, by searching for answers, reading books, taking courses, finding mentors, learning a better way.

This anthology features 24 winning women from 11 countries, 3 continents with careers as varied as Commercial Pilot, Fitness Cover Model, Chef, Accountant, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Teacher and Life Coach, including Canada’s own Jacqueline Throop-Robinson, speaker, author of Fire Up Your Team!, and founding member of Inspiring Women Nova Scotia.

This book is dedicated to the many women who have gone before us, lighting the path for women in business throughout the world. It’s for our mothers, grandmothers and ancestors who taught us the qualities that will be shared in this book. It’s for the women in our lives – our daughters, sisters, nieces, friends, and of course our fabulous co-authors who inspired and encouraged us each step of the way. We hope you will see the love we feel for you reflected back in this book.

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Custom Workshops for Teams

A deep understanding of your current situation as well as your desired end results, enables us to create a working session that meets your exact needs. We use tried and true methodologies to achieve the results you want. Two examples are outlined below:

TeamTalk: Using Conversation Circles to address Blockers

Using a wide variety of methodologies, such as Open Space Technology, World Café and Circle of Trust, Spark Engagement guides teams and organizations through complex and sometimes difficult conversations that support authentic engagement, which inevitably leads to greater teamwork, productivity and performance.

The purpose of these conversations is always directly linked to a desired organizational or team outcome. The conversations become one of the main vehicles for ensuring achievement and success.

Creating Results: Using Structural Tension to address Motivation

It’s in our DNA to create. We all have values and aspirations. At times, we may fall out of touch with these but they are always there and accessible to each of us individually and collectively.

By gaining clarity on both our desired end results as well as our current reality, we generate energy that propels us forward through inspired action. We work strategically and become vigilant about what’s working and what isn’t so we can be responsive in the moment. We develop agility and momentum, and, as a consequence, become very efficient and effective in achieving our goals and fulfilling our purpose.

Following Robert Fritz’s principles of structural thinking, individuals, teams, or entire organizations will be guided in the application of the creative process. As Fritz says: “Some of these principles are the actual mechanics of the creative process, other principles are about your orientation as a creator, while others are about the guiding spirit that sparks the direction you take.”

Seminars and Workshops

Fire Up Your Team Workshop Series

Workshop 1: Mindset and Mind Games

Your mindset leads your actions. If you don’t want to become a manager who plays mind games, your starting point must be to lead yourself from within. Getting your own mindset (attitudes, values, operating principles, beliefs) in order will anchor you in ways that are hard to describe. It will allow you to trust yourself and others. With trust, you will have crucial conversations, collaborate with amazing results and pilot your team through anything the business or marketplace throws at you. Mind games, which are destructive, will be minimized.

Workshop 2: Inspiration and Action

Inspiring an individual or your team requires connecting to aspiration. Sometimes it’s helping people become clear on their own true desires; sometimes it’s communicating why you believe a goal is meaningful and worthwhile. Your role is to encourage action in service of the aspiration, regardless of the current set of circumstances or situation. Leaders with self-motivated teams have won half the battle. Their energy isn’t absorbed by constant prodding, incessant following up or uncomfortable performance-review meetings.

Workshop 3: Feedback and Feedforward

Building complete feedback loops and working with them all the time usually eliminates the need for difficult conversations, because poor performance is less likely in environments that create true conditions for success. Leaders who work systematically with feedback loops—normalizing the act of receiving and giving feedback to facilitate others’ success and oversee the impact of actions—create a dynamic learning environment that breeds high performance.

Workshop 4: Progress and Fearlessness

Seeing one’s work as meaningful and believing in the vision and values of one’s organization fuels team engagement. However, meaning alone is not enough. People need to feel a sense of forward movement or progress. If your team invests a great deal of time and effort in a project, team members will want to see that it has made a difference. Often, in order to get progress, leaders must help their teams tackle difficult issues or obstacles, and they must encourage their teams to take risks. Seeing progress or enabling progress in difficult circumstances requires fearless leadership.

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Take your teams and leaders beyond the basics. Our focus is your success, whether you have a problem to solve or an idea to build.

In today's world, teams are much different than years ago. The traditional "team in a box" no longer serves organizations as well. More often individuals are interacting with people from within their own workplace, other organizations and communities. There is value and strength in being able to easily transition and adapt to each new interaction.

Deep Simplicity

If you sense that decision-making is too centralized and that your organizational hierarchy blocks collaboration and encourages bureaucracy and that silos hinder creative exchange, you will want to explore how to build a “new organization”— one whose structures unleash energy and productivity, naturally by putting the ‘organic’ back into organization.

The new science of complexity and the study of complex adaptive networks seek the underlying principles of natural systems. These principles, which represent the deep simplicity behind apparent complexity, are increasingly applied to organizations, markets and economics to meet the demands of rapid change and increasing complexity in business and social systems. The workshop explores ways to apply the lessons of complexity science to build more effective, resilient and innovative organizations, fit for the future.

“Jacqueline’s positive impact on our organization is significant. Great work and recommended reading for managers at all organizational levels.”

-Graham Pewter, President & CEO Catlin Bermuda