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As the CEO of Spark Engagement, Jacqueline Throop-Robinson launched her most recent book Fire up Your Team in 2013. An Amazon Bestseller in 2014, this insightful handbook for leaders, provides tools and techniques that can help any CEO or manager ignite passion, productivity and performance.

Taking Leadership to the Next level

What Amazon readers had to say about Fire Up Your Team:

"The most important personal development book you'll read all year [...]" Read more...

This book is a must - the writing is intelligent and uncluttered, the ideas are actionable, and the call for conscious, authentic leadership is clear. Finally!!" Read more...

"Engaging, Informative, and thought provoking..."

Fire Up Your Team helps leaders go beyond the obvious to see the underlying dynamics and to use these insights to adopt new leadership practices. The book helps leaders, working in a traditional corporate structure, partner with their teams to uplift and outperform.

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Designing The Networked Organization

Jacqueline also works with the principles of complexity science to move leaders and organizations beyond the constraints of traditional corporate structures and management practices.

As a contributor to the book Designing the Networked Organization by Ken Everett, and as a member of a number of networked organizations, Jacqueline has experienced and applied practices that allow people, who have passion and are willing to take responsibility, to self-organize and self-manage. More and more organizations are embracing these principles and are moving toward leaderless organization; or, in reality, leader-filled organizations, without the trappings of a corporate hierarchy.

Networked organizations unleash energy and creativity and stimulate resilience, agility and survival in a complex and challenging world.

To read more about these ideas, see Designing the Networked Organization (The Strategic Management Collection).

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